Our Establishment has executed many Contracts since it was establishment in 1980. Since then, many projects have been completed for several prestigious clients in UAE Adhering to timely completion, high standard of safety and quality.

  • OTE is established with a small fleet.
  • 10 million man hours without LTI from ADCO.
  • Letter of Appreciation from ADCO for complete Bab-13 Operations two years working without any Lost Time Incident.
  • Compliment from Civil Defence.
  • Compliment from Civil Defence.
    Award from ADCO/ Bab Field.
  • Outstanding performance from ADCO for completed High Profession Job in DY-19 Drilling Location in DABBIYA Field.
    Appreciation from ADCO.
  • Appreciation from ADCO for FRiday Clean Up Campaign/ BAB.
  • Appreciation from Al Dhafra Co-operative Company for good working performance.
  • Appreciation from NDC for completed the task in high altitude and qualification.
  • Purchased 02 new 963 Ken worth Chassis and increased the quantity of our fleet.
  • Purchased 07 new 963 Ken worth Chassis and increased the quantity of our fleet.
  • Opening new Office and camp in the western region.
    Appreciation from Critical National Infrastructure Authority.
  • Start working as sub contract with Consolidated Contractors Int. Co. in so many locations like ( Hashan, Buhasa Sahil, AlSab, Shah, Qusahwira, Rumaitha.)
  • Execute agreement for M/S Halli Burton for transfer of cement & heavy equipment.”
  • Successfully move M/S NDC rig within specified time.
  • Successfully move M/S H&P rig within specified time.