The long term business success of OTE depends on our ability to improve our products and services continuously while protecting our people and the environment in which they work and live. It is a commitment which is in the best interest of our customers and our employees.

HSE is the responsibility of line management, with the active commitment and support of all employees. We will strive to:

  • Ensure the quality of our products & services.
  • Protect the Health, Safety and Property of our Employees, Customers & Third parties.
  • Protect the environment in the communities where we live and work.

We are committed to the pro active integration of HSE subjects into our management system at all levels, actively reinforced by our reward and recognition programs. This is critical to our business success because it reduces risk and adds value to our products and services.       



Obaid Kneish And Sons General Transport Est. top management are committed to deliver the best quality for all the provision for products and services to all clients.
Obaid Kneish And Sons General Transport Est. will provide its services to the satisfaction of the Customer by complying with the contract requirements and specifications. The Company will conduct its business with a strong focus for the needs of the Customer and continual improvement to achieve reputation for Quality and Reliability of its products and services.

OTE  will achieve this by :

  • Identifying the needs and expectations of the Customer through an effective contract review process.
  • Complying with the specifications, standards, regulatory & legislative requirements of the Country and procedures of the Company during the project realization process, with emphasis on defect prevention and safety.
  • Developing reliable supplier network for efficient sourcing of materials.
  • Continuously improving the business processes to render it efficient.
  • Providing safe work environment and adequate facilities.
  • Training employees to comply with the procedures and practices to enable them to work for continual improvement.

OTE. recognizes Quality as an essential element that provides the Company with its continued success within the Heavy duty Transportation .Consequently, it is OTE's policy to provide our Clients with products and services which fully meet their specified requirements and expectations and comply with relevant regulations, codes and standards.

Consistent with this policy, specific quality objectives are established at relevant functions and levels within OTE organization. By mutual encouragement, commitment and cooperation through teamwork, all OTE employees will perform their tasks diligently in contribution to the achievement of our quality objectives. These objectives will be regularly measured and reflected as a key performance indicator for our strategic objective to maintain high quality standard.
OTE. Policy to provide and maintain free hazards work sites & to establish accident / incident prevention programme in place in compliance with national and international applicable rules and regulations.

The Management of OTE is committed to active participation in the implementation and regular review of the Quality Management System and the establishment of a corporate climate which encourages excellence through continuous improvement.